The Warehouse [Released by 99Sounds]

Warehouse Drums [Released by Bingoshakerz]

Wave [Released by Hit Star Productions]

Wavedrum [Released by MusicRadar]

Waves – Piano And Keys Collection [Released by Reverb]

Weird [Released by Magic Loops]

Weird Claps [Released by Robn]

Weird Phatty [Released by Dustyroom]

The Weird Side Samples [Released by 99Sounds]

Western Guitar [Released by MusicRadar]

White Noise SFX [Released by 99Sounds]

White Slate [Released by DSBBeats]

The Wind [Released by Sample Modern]

Wobble House Sessions [Released by Skifonix Sounds]

Wonky Step [Released by MusicRadar]

World Music [Released by MusicRadar]