S01L – Vol. 1 (Nov. 2017) [Released by Captain Love]

Salt [Released by Rowan]

Sample Pack #1 [Released by FUNCC]

Sample Pack – Part One [Released by Vaporwave]

Sample Pack – Part Two [Released by Vaporwave]

Sample Pack – Vol. 7 [Released by Boey Audio]

Sample Pack 001 [Released by Duendita]

Sample Pack 3 [Released by Urban Addict]

The Sample Set – Vol. 1 [Released by TriSamples]

The Sample Set – Vol. 2 [Released by TriSamples]

The Sample Set – Vol. 3 [Released by TriSamples]

The Sample Set – Vol. 4 [Released by TriSamples]

The Sample Set – Vol. 5 [Released by TriSamples]

Sampler [Released by Rankin Audio]

(M) Samples – 01 [Released by Smokey Loops]

(M) Samples – 02 [Released by Smokey Loops]

(M) Samples – 03 [Released by Smokey Loops]

Samples – Vol. 1 [Released by Ghost Syndicate]

Samples – Vol. 2 [Released by Ghost Syndicate]

Samples – Vol. 3 [Released by Ghost Syndicate]

Samples – Vol. 4 – Deep Dubstep [Released by Ghost Syndicate]

Samples N’ S*** [Released by Trakoss]

Samples Of Tenalach [Released by 99Sounds]

Satisfying [Released by Andrew Huang]

Sax Packs – Demo [Released by Shaddow]

Scads Of Hats – Vol. 2 [Released by Mayo Staccato]

Scandalous [Released by Sound Supply]

Schwarz – Official [Released by Thunder Zone]

Sci-Fi Pads [Released by Ghosthack]

Sci-Fi Soundscapes And Atmospheres – Sirius [Released by Gowler Music]

Screw Juice [Released by Studio Plug]

SeamlessR Sample Pack [Released by Razer Music]

Secret Stash [Released by Freakquincy]

Seism [Released by Glitch Machines]

Sexy Whispers [Released by 91Vocals]

Shadow Oscillations [Released by Radium Audio]

Shadows [Released by Glitch Machines]

SHAPOV – Snare Shots [Released by EvoSounds]

Short Decay Drum [Released by Quarterjack]

Simply Space [Released by 99Sounds]

Sinematic – Micro [Released by SoundMorph]

Singmaster [Released by Taetro]

Skytters Signature Sounds [Released by On Point Packs]

Slammin’ Top Grooves [Released by Bingoshakerz]

SLGRI – Essentials [Released by BVKER]

Slight Noise 2.0 [Released by Slight Noise]

Slingerland [Released by Indie Drums]

(M) Slow Down – Ethno [Released by Smokey Loops]

Snacks From Mars [Released by Samples From Mars]

Snail’s House – Vol. 1 [Released by Ujico]

Snare – Vol. 1 [Released by Hinton And Fairchild]

Snare Drum Shots [Released by LoopsFree]

Snares [Released by CAPSUN ProAudio]

Sonic Formations – Demo [Released by Futurephonic]

Sonus Techno [Released by ZTEKNO]

Soulful D&B [Released by Warrior Sound]

Soulful Old School Hip Hop [Released by Vicious Samples]

Sound Design Pack – Vol. 1 [Released by Ryuno]

Sound Design Tools [Released by 99Sounds]

Sound Design Tools: Kalimba [Released by Ghost Syndicate]

Sound Design Tools: Paper [Released by Ghost Syndicate]

Sound Effects [Released by SoundBits]

Sound Effects – 01 [Released by JP Game Assets]

Sound FX [Released by Diginoiz]

Sound FX – Vol. 1 [Released by Blastwave FX]

Sound Pack Sampler [Released by Silverplatter Audio]

Sound Samples [Released by Philharmonia Orchestra]

Soundpack – Vol. 2 [Released by Anno]

Soundpack IV [Released by Taetro]

Sounds From The Streets – Vol. 1 [Released by Beats24-7]

The Sounds Of San Francisco [Released by SoundShock]

Sounds To Play In The Dark – Vol. 1 [Released by Radium Audio]

Soviet Grooves [Released by Ghost Syndicate]

Spanish Town [Released by Gowler Music]

Special Sound Effects [Released by Lucid Samples]

Spore [Released by Glitch Machines]

Stained Whiskers [Released by Warrior Sound]

Stapler [Released by Oscuro]

Star Power [Released by Hit Star Productions]

Stereo Toolkit [Released by MusicRadar]

Straight Off The Crate [Released by SoundShock]

String Loops – Vol. 1 – Lite [Released by WS Pro Audio]

Strings Sessions [Released by LoopsFree]

STYLSS – Volume One [Released by STYLSS]

STYLSS – Volume Two [Released by STYLSS]

STYLSS – Volume Three [Released by STYLSS]

Sub Phatty [Released by HelloSamples]

Sugoi Creative Collective #1 [Released by Sugoi Creative Collective]

Sugoi Creative Collective #2 [Released by Sugoi Creative Collective]

Summer 2017 [Released by Audio Ordeal]

Summer Piano Loops [Released by Function Loops]

Summer Vibes – Vol. 1 [Released by Roundel Sounds]

Super Dialogue Audio Pack [Released by Dillon Becker]

Super Festival EDM [Released by HighLife Samples]

Super Future Bass & Trap [Released by MeGo]

Supra65 [Released by Patrick Steele]

Supreme [Released by Yxng Pepe]

Supreme Drums [Released by RMDY]

Sweet Soul Vocals [Released by Looplicious]

Synth [Released by Magic Loops]

Synth, Keys And Instruments [Released by HelloSamples]

SynthMaster Drum [Released by Kimura Taro]

Synthwave 3 [Released by Sample Magic]

Synthwave Sounds [Released by Reverb]