R&B Pop Pads – Vol. 1 [Released by LoopsFree]

R&B Sampler [Released by Diginoiz]

R3VERXMAS – Vol. 1 [Released by R3VERS]

Radio Drum Loops – Vol. 1 [Released by LoopsFree]

Radiophonic Atmospheres [Released by 99Sounds]

Rain And Thunder [Released by 99Sounds]

Random Samples [Released by Waveplay]

Random Selects [Released by Wavepusher]

Random Sequence [Released by MusicRadar]

Random Sounds [Released by Majestic Entertainment]

Rave [Released by Xclusive-Audio]

Raw [Released by Xclusive-Audio]

Real-World Drum [Released by MusicRadar]

Real-World FX [Released by MusicRadar]

Reek And Elme! [Released by Elme]

Reggaeton Beats [Released by Eerie Sound Productions]

Remix [Released by MusicRadar]

Retimed And Repitched [Released by MusicRadar]

Retro [Released by MusicRadar]

Retro House [Released by MusicRadar]

Retro Video Game [Released by MusicRadar]

Reverse Bass [Released by DJ Veki]

Reversed Reverbs [Released by Music-Prod]

Rhythmic Inspiration [Released by MusicRadar]

Riemann Kollkektion [Released by Sample Magic]

Rimedag [Released by Rimedag]

Rise Of The Robots [Released by MusicRadar]

Rises [Released by Output]

Roberts Beats Essential – Vol. 4 [Released by TLC Sample]

Robotic Lifeforms [Released by SoundMorph]

Robotic Synthpop [Released by MusicRadar]

Rock [Released by Indie Drums]

Rock / Pop Rock [Released by Big Fish Audio]

Roland SH-101 [Released by MusicRadar]

Roland TR-808 [Released by Logical Soundz]

Roland TR-909 [Released by Logical Soundz]

Rooftop Pools [Released by TopSounds]

Rose City Horns [Released by NW Soul Academy]

Roseway Resampled [Released by CAPSUN ProAudio]

RPG Audio [Released by Kenney]

RSamples – Vol. 0 [Released by XO:RE]

RSamples – Vol. 1 [Released by XO:RE]

RSamples – Vol. 2 – Renewed Amens [Released by XO:RE]

Rumore Cinematic Impacts [Released by 99Sounds]

RX-17 Reboot [Released by How To Program Drums]

RX-21 HD [Released by SampleScience]