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NEW & FREE: Moog DFAM [Released by CR8TES]

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CR8TES has released Moog DFAM, a free sample pack which is now available via Sellfy.

If you cannot afford a Moog DFAM analogue synthesizer, capable of creating percussive patterns with relative ease, it would be prudent to seek out this free pack of nearly 80 high-quality sounds which have been sampled from the machine. Your productions could benefit from more melodies, ‘blips’, percs, snares and tom samples, plus more… As part of the pack, included as an ‘extra’; you are also treated to additional Mike Dean samples, so take the opportunity to expand your sound library now, and thank the producer!

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Playing with our DFAM today + made some drums for you all enjoy,

We also added some extras for you next Moog inspired beat.

  • Total: 79 Sounds (.WAV Format)
  • Size: 77 MB (Zipped)


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