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FREE SPOTLIGHT: Dub Drums [Released by MusicRadar]

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MusicRadar has released Dub Drums, a free sample pack which is now available via their official website.

Over 200 high-quality sounds comprise this free set of dub drum sound loops which are split into 4 folders; each consisting of sounds at a different tempo, and BPM-labelled as such. These include dry and wet sounds, hats, snares and echo sounds too, so you get a great variety to add to your collection. Experiment with the sounds to find which best suit your signature style of music, and see what you can make! Always remember to layer together unlikely combinations of sounds to produce some unique-sounding musical compositions…

Like the pack? Check out the latest from MusicRadar here on their official website.



Armed with spring reverbs and tape echoes, the SampleRadar team has set about producing a set of dub drum loops that will dominate your mixes.

  • Total: 204 Sounds (.WAV Format)
  • Size: 90 MB (Zipped)

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