(M) 1GB Of Trance [Released by Myloops]

1st Aid Kit [Released by Beats24-7]

10 Minute Trumpet Jams – Snow Bound [Released by Farnell Newton]

10 Minute Trumpet Jams – West Coastin’ [Released by Farnell Newton]

(M) 10K Celebration [Released by Lektrique]

(M) 10K Giveaway [Released by Audiodrops Samples]

15 Kicks [Released by Smokey Loops]

17 Vintage Chords [Released by Loops De La Crème]

100 Bass Loops And Shots [Released by Titan Volume]

(M) 100 Chord Samples [Released by Sample Magic]

100 Kick Drums – Vol. 1 [Released by TriSamples]

(M) 100 Retro Loops [Released by Sample Magic]

100 Techno Kick-Shots [Released by Producer Boutique]

100 Vocal Samples [Released by Sample Magic]

101 Berlin Beats [Released by Sample Magic]

101 Drums From Mars [Released by Samples From Mars]

101 Future Beat Loops [Released by Sample Magic]

101 Techno Kicks [Released by Sample Magic]

138BPM Trance [Released by HighLife Samples]

2K Halfred [Released by Isaac Cotec]

2K15 [Released by DBMusic]

2Waves Freebie [Released by Two Waves]

2.5 GB Of Sounds [Released by Black Octopus]

20//20 Basslines [Released by Unmute]

20//20 Electric Keys [Released by Unmute]

20//20 Horns [Released by Unmute]

20//20 PianoChords [Released by Unmute]

20//20 Rhapsody [Released by Unmute]

20K [Released by Gerald Le Funk]

20 Abstract SFX [Released by Ghosthack]

20 Big Room Kicks [Released by CPYTIC Records]

24 Drums [Released by LoopsFree]

25 Loops [Released by Histibe]

200 Vintage Drum Machines [Released by Ableton Buddy]

250+ Foley One Shots [Released by Antidote Audio]

2016 Advent Calendar [Released by Antidote Audio]

2017 Advent Calendar [Released by Antidote Audio]

2018 Bass [Released by Erb N Dub]

2018 New Years [Released by Night Owl Collective]

30 Analogue Arps [Released by Touch Loops]

32 Percussive Boomwhackers [Released by Loops De La Crème]

300 Analogue Driven One-Shots [Released by Touch Loops]

40 Bass House Risers [Released by Warrior Sound]

5 Trap Beats [Released by Hex Loops]

64 Snare One-Shots [Released by Ghosthack]

606 [Released by CR8TES]

606 From Mars [Released by Samples From Mars]

700 MB Samples [Released by Lucid Samples]

707 Drums [Released by Wave Alchemy]

8-Bit / 16-Bit Sound Effects (x25) [Released by JDWasabi]

8-Bit Beats Extravaganza – Mini [Released by Julian Ray Music]

8-Bit Bonanza [Released by MusicRadar]

8-Bit FX [Released by SampleScience]

80s [Released by MusicRadar]

80s Drums – Vol. 1 [Released by LoopLords]

80s Heat [Released by MusicRadar]

80s Snares [Released by Loops De La Crème]

808 [Released by On Point Packs]

808 Drum [Released by MusicRadar]

808 Drum Hits [Released by Sample Magic]

808 Pack [Released by Makr Samples]

808 Stacks [Released by Certified Audio]

808 Stacks – Vol. 2 [Released by Certified Audio]

808 Tape [Released by Wave Alchemy]

808 Trapstep – Vol. 1 [Released by TriSamples]

808 Trapstep – Vol. 2 [Released by TriSamples]

808’s In The Box [Released by TriSamples]

808s [Released by CAPSUN ProAudio]

808s – 2018 Edition [Released by CR8TES]

99 Drum Samples [Released by 99Sounds]

909 [Released by CR8TES]

909 Drum Hits [Released by Sample Magic]